With broad experience in training and development, creating and delivering great blockchain training is definitely in our wheelhouse. 


Blockchain is a major innovation which many are hailing as disruptive and transformative across numerous industries. 

As an educator and use case analyst in blockchain technology we have spoken with a wide range of individuals. Common questions which arise involve blockchain security, business use cases for organizations and challenges for development or adoption.

These and related issues are explored in my recent interview and webinar below:


The Tate Chronicles – Don Fortner radio interview  


Blockchain Technology and its Potential Impact on Data Security and Privacy

We also created and delivered a CEU eligible course titled Blockchain for Healthcare Specialist and successful completion of this course awards a Certificate in Healthcare Blockchain Specialist Level Proficiency (CHBCP). You may use “VALSURITY20” as a code at checkout to receive a 20% discount.

Feel free to request a copy of my complimentary whitepaper  Introduction to Blockchain Basics  and don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule a time to review your blockchain related questions and our services. Whether you need education, a use case analysis, or guidance on smart contracts we look forward to the discussion. 

We also have broad experience in  Information Technology including  enterprise supply chain  as well as extensive experience in large implementations and project management.

Blockchain technology offers new and powerful solutions for security and interoperability with the ability for individuals and organizations to interact in a safe and permission based manner.

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